Reports: An organized hacking campaign targeting WhatsApp users


It seems that the popular chat and instant messaging application "WhatsApp" has recently become the target of a large-scale piracy campaign targeting users, and this is at least what was revealed by specialized media, citing sources from specialists in cybersecurity. However, it is not considered the first of Its kind.

And as we mentioned in the introduction, a number of information security experts indicate that the chat and instant messaging application has been subjected in recent days to a large and organized piracy campaign targeting users and their accounts with their sensitive data, the new information came through the British magazine Which ?, where it explained the method used by it. The hackers in this campaign are in order to access information and data of users in a very insidious way.

According to the information available through Which?, Users usually receive an SMS text message containing the login code to authenticate the two workers on their account on the WhatsApp application, although this user has not submitted any request to the application regarding this matter, Shortly after receiving this SMS, the user receives a message from a friend from his WhatsApp contact list (which is the account that the hacker hacked) asking him to retrieve the six-digit code that was sent via SMS via The error.

And by the hackers' arrival and hacking of the friend's WhatsApp account, this means that they obtained the user's phone number from a leaked database and are trying to set up his WhatsApp account in the same way to access users to his WhatsApp contacts, where the code that is received by SMS allows They have to verify the correctness of transferring the account to the new device, and caution remains required in dealing with this situation, as no code should be sent to any party as long as the user has not requested it.

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