How can Mohamed Henedy change the world next Friday? .. Discover the secret


The pioneers of social networking sites, and the audience of the artist Mohamed Heneidi in particular, were surprised and baffled after the artist announced a surprise awaiting them on April 16, corresponding to Ramadan 4.

And through his accounts on social networking sites, Henedi wrote: "Wait for me on April 16 (4 Ramadan) ... something is coming that will change history forever forever forever forever."

When observers tried to speculate that this event will be the date of his episode with Ramez Jalal on the program "Ramiz, His Mind Flew", Henedy replied, saying: "What do you mean by Ramez’s episode, guys? Will you change history with a trick ?!"

Henedy only wrote the previous post and comment, without giving any indication of the event that could contribute to changing history, and was adopted by a comedian famous for his wit.

The pioneers of social networking sites tried to discover the secret, answer the question in different ways, and predict what might happen, and comments spread on Henedy's words, between the sarcastic and actually looking for an answer, some of which we review in the following report:

An account bearing the name "Aya Abdullah" commented, saying: "We have been waiting for you, Heneidy all the time, because you are a main reason for our smile." Another account named "Ahmed Abdel Wahab" expected the event to be an advertisement, saying: "Its form is an advertisement."

An account bearing the name of "Ibrahim Ghoneim" was ridiculed, saying: "You will discover the first mummy of Hunaidi, the king of the kings of the Pharaohs," while an account bearing the name of "Ahmed Nafeh" said: "You are the one who will play the role of Ahmose."

An account bearing the name of "Abd al-Rahman Muhammad" considered that Henedy's focus on the word "forever" is related to the novels of "metaphysics" by the late writer Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq, saying: "Forever, until the stars burn and until the worlds perish ... But teacher remains you will do what Metaphysics Part Two ».

Some predicted that this would be "April Fools", as an account bearing the name "Nada Faraj" commented: "This April fool, God willing," while an account bearing the name of "Sami Al-Hadari" said: "Yajdaan on the 16th day of Muhammad Huneidi, the first of his episode. The Covid 25 series ».

It is noteworthy that Mohamed Heneidy participates with his fans on his social media sites with episodes of the program "Hakawy Henedy" during the holy month of Ramadan.

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