Google reveals the date of its Google I / O 2021 Developers Conference


As every year, the eyes of followers, developers and Google fans are directed towards the company to know the date it has chosen to hold its event for the famous developers, Google I / O, and this comes in the context that last year's event Google I / O 2020 has been canceled in a wave The epidemic that the world has been exposed to.

Google officially announced that this year's conference of the Singers, Google I / O 2021, will be held on schedule, that is, between the next 18-20 May, but unlike the previous versions, the current version will be remotely, in implementation of safety measures to prevent the spread of an epidemic Covid 19 virus, and this will be an occasion for the company to reveal its latest innovations at the software level and its famous Android 12 operating system.

 And Google announced in March of last year, in turn, canceling the effectiveness of the famous developers, Google I / O, and always due to the spread of the Corona virus, and it is the conference that was supposed to be held on May 12, 2020 in San Francisco, USA. Before that, it announced its cancellation to organize its F8 developer event for the same year, which was expected to be held next spring, then Microsoft, Apple and other companies.

It will be possible to register to participate soon in the Google I / O event for interested developers, and it will be free of charge without any fees.

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