After a long delay, Facebook reveals the truth about the leakage of data for 533 million users


The digital world is still affected by the impact of the new scandal that was recently revealed, which showed the piracy of the data of hundreds of millions of users around the world through a serious and old security vulnerability, and thus the data of hundreds of millions were vulnerable to piracy and leakage, which affects the credibility of the company.

And users have waited for a long time for any Facebook appearance to reveal the truth about what happened during the past few days after security expert Alon Gal revealed this topic, and finally the matter was done through a new statement by "Mike Clark", the Facebook manager, as the latter indicated that this leak is a product of For a vulnerability dating back to the year 2019 and that it has been fixed, and he said, "It must be understood that the malicious parties obtained this data not by hacking our systems but by scraping technology before September 2019, as this practice often relies on automated programs to extract public information from the Internet, which It can then be distributed in forums like this one. "

Mike Clark added, "The leaked data did not include financial or health information or no passwords, and the specific issue that allowed this data to be recovered in 2019 no longer exists, although we cannot always prevent the circulation or emergence of these data sets," We have a dedicated team that focuses on this work. ”The Facebook official invited users of the social media platform to conduct regular privacy checks.

Alon Gal, director of the famous security company, Hudson Rock, was the first to refer to the matter in a post on his Twitter account on the social networking site last weekend, to the discovery of a dangerous and important leak that concerns hundreds of millions of social media users around the world. Gal, if he discovered a piracy forum, circulating a leaked database containing information from many users.

According to Alon Gal, the issue is related to the data of 533 million users, and it concerns sensitive information that includes phone number, Facebook login names, and other information such as the city or country of residence, date of birth, date of account creation, the potential emotional relationship of the subscriber, in addition to his biography. The email addresses of some accounts were leaked on the leaked database, and the director of Hudson Rock criticized Facebook, accusing it of absolute negligence on this topic, which would expose users whose accounts were exposed at risk with the possibility of using them in organized piracy campaigns. "All 533 million Facebook records were leaked for free," Alon Gal said on his Twitter account.

This means that if you have a Facebook account, it is very likely that the phone number used for the account has been leaked. I still haven't seen Facebook admit this absolute neglect of your data. ”And he added,“ In early 2020, a vulnerability was exploited that allowed seeing the phone number associated with each Facebook account, which led to the creation of a database containing information of 533 million users in all countries. There was a severe lack of reports and the database today is more worrisome. "

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