Twitter tried to buy the Clubhouse for 4 Billion Dollar


Twitter appears to have negotiated with Clubhouse about a potential takeover of the platform worth around $ 4 billion, a move that reminds me of what Instagram tried with Snapchat at the time, before copying its Stories system.

The reports are coming from Bloomberg, and TechCrunch has confirmed this as well, so it looks like we're dealing with more than just a rumor.

The talks have taken place in recent months, but have not borne fruit. Clubhouse is looking for a new round of funding, so Twitter wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.

  The Clubhouse allows you to create rooms with names, within the clubs, programmed for the future, so that the audience can program their agenda as if it were a conference. What is clear is that the amount of $ 4 billion Twitter has proposed to acquire the Clubhouse, however, reports indicated that the talks have stalled for an unclear reason, and that the company that owns Clubhouse is currently making contact to raise funding from investors.

The first tweet in Twitter of Jack Dorsey will be sold for a record amount!

Twitter is now working on feature to undo the message