Reports reveal the latest information about Apple's smart car and LG role in developing it


In the recent period, technology companies have been racing to invest in smart electric cars, such as Google, Xiaomi, Huawei and other companies, and for some time now we have been hearing about a similar desire from Apple to enter the field of this type of modern industries, we are facing new information.

The well-known South Korean site Korea Times indicated in a report over the past few days that Apple will ally with two new companies in order to develop its own model of smart electric cars, and the surprise is that one of these two companies is LG, which in recent days has become famous for its decision to anticipate the smart phone industry due to Large losses, in addition to the Canadian company Magna, which specializes in this field.

And Apple's decision to move towards an alliance of LG and Magna, which negotiations are still ongoing with them, according to the Korea Times, at a time when negotiations with the South Korean Hyundai company stopped, and according to the site always, LG and Magna have actually established a joint unit "e-." Powertrain "to develop the project together, awaiting the outcome of the end of negotiations with Apple, and waiting for further information on what the project will be clarified as well.

And it seems that the field of smart electric cars will witness over the next few years a fierce competition between a number of global technology companies.

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