Why is your site not thriving ? Find out the best way to promote your blog or website


Many website owners face the problem of the failure of the site and the basic measure of success for any site is the influx of visitors to it, without visitors to the site, it is only a personal painting of the owner who loves to view it

But did the visitors arrive late to the site, meaning that it is a failed site and will not succeed

The answer is no, as the site may actually be the nucleus of a success site for Qomma, but the problem lies in promoting it. The success of any site consists of two parts

The first is the structure

It is the form of the site to be coordinated, attractive and not alienating, it is the first thing that catches the visitor’s eye, and that it provides attractive and exclusive content that makes the visitor want to come back again.

The second promotion

To reach the visitor is a very important thing, it does not make sense to offer something beautiful, but no one knows about it. If you do not promote the site, then you are actually not doing anything to make it successful. Otherwise, tell me how the visitor will know that your site is among millions of sites except through promotion

The importance of promotion

Promotion is a process that requires effort and money. Major companies may spend twice the value of profits in their beginning to promote themselves, meaning they spend more than they win because they know that the loss in the beginning is what will bring the gains later, and the gigantic companies that actually exist need to keep spending on marketing and promotion very huge sums

To remind the buyer always of their presence

Have you not yet seen ads for major sites in many places, and you know the site and wonder why they spend on ads when all people know the site

The answer is that reminders are an important process, as sites and products that you do not see or hear about constantly begin to die with time amid competition.

Therefore, if you are not Google or Facebook

You have to keep remembering as many people as you are

How do I promote

There are solutions that are financially inexpensive, but they take a long time, which is to search for owners of other sites at the level of your site and start an advertising exchange with them, so you exchange visitors, but the disadvantage of this method is that you will always be in the same category in which your site is, no one will exchange an advertisement with you and you will not provide him with great benefit

In order to speed up this process, you have to exchange advertisements with very many sites, here the matter varies

You may advertise an amount of money at a site with 1000 visitors, or an advertisement exchange with 20 sites, each of which has 50 visitors, and here your site will be filled with external links

 Paid solutions

The issue is not only about paying a value, but you must choose where you will pay the value and the method that you will use


Unlike fame, when you choose a site where you will advertise, choose a site that you think its visitors will be interested in your site, especially if you are not in a public domain, for example someone who has a cooking site, this is a public domain.

Do not go and advertise on a cooking site, not because everyone on it will not be interested, but you will find interested, but only a few

I think I am hungry used the word cook three times in the topic 😅 hhhhhhh

Therefore, you must choose the site in which you will advertise well

But the best way to promote is in my opinion


Yes, contests are the best promotional method, but they are also the most expensive, but not any type of competition, but rather a specific type, which is to create a prize for the best site that will write an introductory topic for your site.

As if you put a prize and let it be $ 100 and then announce the prize in several well-known sites, it makes no sense that there is a prize and few people know about it

But you will not advertise for a long period, but for example a month, so the cost of advertising a prize on a large site is less than the advertisement for the purpose of the success of your site because it requires long advertising periods as well. A week to announce the winner

Note: Entry does not open until at least 10 days have passed from the time of your announcement of the competition until an acceptable number is known and the award must be real and you announce a winner not only based on the quality of the article, but also you must take into account that the site that will win is not an unknown site In the college, there are no topics or visitors to it, because then some may think that you are giving yourself value through a fraudulent site and that you deceived them, so choosing a winner should not be a choice only because someone submitted a good article

Therefore, his site should at least have a minimum of credibility, but not a condition that it is a large site, but at least it has an acceptable number of followers who prove that they are not a fake site or raise doubts about you in addition to that it is not a person who sat praising your site in his article but submitted an article Moderate in which it describes the site

The advantage of this matter is that whoever writes the topic of the majority is that he keeps it and does not delete it, and therefore you will have obtained a large number of promotional topics for a small fee compared to what you would pay if you announced in each of them individually and you in a five-site like he organized a competition several years ago and put a prize A financial value of $ 1,000, and he obtained promotional topics and videos of no less than $ 5,000,000 if he bought them from their owners

The defect of this method of promotion is that a sufficient number of sites do not pay attention to it and therefore you are obligated to pay the value and it does not return to you the benefit that you were hoping for so try to promote the contest well and try to have a reasonable amount commensurate with the value of your site is not too small so it is not tempting and is not very large then People believe that a nascent site will pay it, so they do not subscribe. If you can repeat the matter after a year with raising the prize value to double, for example, you will find its result maybe three or four times

Sometimes the first competition may not bring the desired goal, but it does not succeed, but it is not the target success, but it is a confirmation of the credibility of the second competition, which achieves a greater goal, unless the competition was promoted well then even if the first one achieved great success

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