Is it legal to record video calls on WhatsApp ? And how to do that via this application


Sometimes it can be helpful to record WhatsApp video calls, in this article, we explain how to do it, step by step. Don't worry, it's very simple.

Is it legal to record video chats?

Before rushing to download an app to record your call, it is important to answer this question. Indeed, it would be a pity to be a victim of legal action.

It should be noted that in some countries, case law allows the recording of a telephone conversation to be used as evidence. Of course, it should be in accordance with your dispute and should not violate fundamental rights and freedoms. As with a traditional call, you simply have to inform the other party of the recording of the conversation and the other party agrees to it. If he declines, you will not be able to record the video chat.

Of course, it is possible to record a conversation without wanting to use it in a legal situation. This could be an interview or a memory, for example.

How to record a WhatsApp video call on Android?

To record a video call on Android, it is necessary to install an application. Android does not offer the native option, however, some manufacturers natively provide the ability to record the screen (with audio) of your Android smartphone. This is the case with Huawei smartphones, for example. If you do not have this option, you must download an external app.

To record a WhatsApp video call on Android, follow these steps:

1. Download MNML Screen Recorder from Google Play Store, the app is available for free.

2. Open the app, click on the three dots on the top right and select Settings.

3. Click on Recording and enable Record Audio.

4. Go back to the app and click on Register at the bottom right. A three-second counter starts before starting to record the screen (and audio), and a warning message appears indicating that the app will record everything that will be displayed on the screen. Confirm and registration will begin.

5. Then open WhatsApp and call whoever you want.

6. Once the conversation ends, click the stop button (square) which can be accessed from the quick notification bar or open the MNML application and click Stop in the lower right.

7. Go back to the MNML app, you will find the recorded conversation, you can watch it on your smartphone and share it with your friends !

Application Link: MNML Screen Recorder

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