How to get Netflix, Spotify, and other accounts for a small price


Today the entertainment options available to us on the Internet are numerous. However, most of them are subject to payments and this means that the expenses should be high if we have many accounts. However, there is a way to save by sharing your subscription costs and we'll introduce them to you below.

It's a service called Pulpo that allows us to create groups to share subscription costs.

Since all the live streaming services for music, videos, series and movies have arrived, it has become common for us to find friends to have joint accounts. This allows us to save a good amount, and split the payments with our group. However, not everyone is lucky enough to find people to do this. This is what makes Pulpo's service so enjoyable.

This is a way to save subscriptions by sharing the expenses with a group of people. In this sense, upon entering the site, we will see groups of people and can join them to share the expenses.

The mechanism is very simple, one of the group members acts as the administrator. Each user makes the specified payment and this will go directly to the administrator, who will pay for the service. It should be noted that the validity of this administrator will be verified by the on-site system.

This way, you can share your Netflix, Spotify, Disney, HBO subscription costs and other services. Thus we will find examples of Premium Netflix for 4.99 euros per month instead of 11 euros that you would pay under normal circumstances.

So it is a useful way to subscribe to services for a small fee by sharing accounts with other people on the site, and to access it follow this link: Pulpo

Note: The offer has been suspended by the company

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