Does antivirus software slow down my computer


Lots of people think that antivirus software can slow down your computer by 50 percent. Decades ago this might have been true, but not anymore. However a security suite can still affect the overall speed of any device

Computer can slow down for a number of reasons and your antivirus software gets a bad rep. You need to analyze the situation more before blaming your antivirus

Why does antivirus software affect performance

All applications on the computer use processing power. By having an antivirus program the scans are being done regularly and the CPU usage increases. Scans can occur at specific intervals. When installing a new app, most security groups check it for malicious intent anyway. Likewise, when a USB is inserted, the scan automatically prompts for any user.

Every time a scan starts, the antivirus program needs to compare the network drive to a huge list of malware signatures that naturally require an adequate amount of processing power. There are many types of malware so security groups need to keep checking larger databases

Why also might my computer run slowly

Some people quickly blame security software or other recently installed apps as the cause of speed issues, but other potential underlying factors must also be considered. It is highly unlikely that an antivirus program will slow down your device significantly

Check for hard drive problems

One smart place to check is your computer's hard drive. A full memory will give any computer a hard time as it struggles for space to function properly. Not having enough space will instantly slow down the processing capabilities of your computer and affect its overall performance

Hard drive related issues including lack of free memory should be one of the first things to consider when your computer is slow

Has the operating system been updated

Failure to update the operating system (OS) can slow down your computer. Updates to the operating system help correct previous or recurring coding issues. The update is important for your computer speed as well as making sure that known vulnerabilities are corrected

Check for potential malware

Malware can be another cause of lag. Even if you have an anti-virus program installed, some malware occasionally sneaks through protection, especially if you allow the download without heeding the warnings of the security group. You can install free malware detection tools that can help you pinpoint the true cause of slow PC performance. But try your antivirus program and run a scan and it will find any problems and then fix them

Check background software

Several installed apps request startup permissions. This means that once your PC is unlocked, these applications will want to open immediately. When they start to run in the background they will immediately use processing power

Is the computer running hot? Can you hear the fan sound louder than usual? Sometimes if there are too many processes running you will notice that the processes take longer so close any application that you are not using. To check which applications are running, you can open Task Manager on Windows or Activity Monitor on Mac computers

Tips to speed up your computer

Now that you have checked the various factors that might be causing your PC to lag here are some tips to speed up the backup process

Close unused apps

If you have a lot of running in the background your system will naturally slow down. Once you have identified exactly which programs are still open, close the programs you are not using. You can usually enforce shutdowns through the task manager

Delete unnecessary files

Every hard disk has wasted space. There are apps, occasional downloads, or outdated files that usually occupy a computer's primary memory. Clean your hard drive from unwanted files. Get rid of anything you don't need anymore or move it to an external drive to free up space on your device

Time to update the OS

The operating system is not the only thing that can cause delayed performance if it is out of date. Every app that you install on a computer can have the same effect. Always schedule updates for your browser, apps, email clients, and streaming services. You will instantly find improved PC performance once everything is updated

Still blaming the antivirus

Background scans require the ability to process properly. So to avoid any inconvenience, just adjust the settings and schedule all the scans that the computer performs during the night or any other time when you are not using the device. Reputable security groups shouldn't slow down your PC. Consider all Windows Defender PCs by default - they install standard on newer systems and complain about little performance

However if you think you did everything to determine the cause and are still blaming your antivirus software then it's time to switch it. There are various options that you can choose from when it comes to security protection. You can try it out with money-back guarantees and even free trials

Cloud processing helps the computer to speed up as the wings scan viruses using the software company's servers and reduce the burden on the computer. The space taken up by the antivirus software affects the speed of the computer as well. Some antivirus companies require large downloads and affect RAM usage. You should consider these factors when choosing an antivirus that can help you eliminate computer slowdowns

Lots of different factors slow down your computer

Rarely there is one thing that slows down the machine. Check your computer's hard drive and apps running in the background, and watch for possible malware infiltration

But even if you think your security group is causing delays, it has too many benefits to abandon altogether. You would rather have a slight delay than cyber criminals gaining control of your device or become a victim of identity theft. Consider changing your antivirus program if you are not satisfied but a strong antivirus is still necessary

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