The first tweet in Twitter of Jack Dorsey will be sold for a record amount!


In the digital world there are some strange events, for example the recent event related to Twitter, where the founder and CEO of the famous social networking site decided to sell his first tweet on the site, which is a special event for Jack Dorsey, but it also brought a lot. From sight to him and his location.

According to the circulating news, Jack Dorsey posted his first tweet on the social networking site Twitter, and it was on March 21, 2006, he put this tweet in the public auction, and the bidding reached yesterday to $ 2.5 million, which is Amount made by Sina Estavi, Director, Bridge Oracle.

It will be the luck of the potential buyer of Jack Dorsey's first tweet, a digital certificate of the tweet that is unique because it was signed and verified by the creator, and the tweet will remain available for viewing by Jack Dorsey on his Twitter account, as for the tweet itself, it bears the phrase " just setting up my twttr "and that was in the year 2006 as mentioned, that is, at the beginning of the social networking site Twitter.

The sale of the Tweet will be in the form of a Non-Exchangeable Token (NFT). Unlike most currencies, not everyone can trade the NFT for another as they would for the Euro or other things.

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