Facebook is testing a new addition to the stories feature


During the recent period, the stories feature has become one of the most used features on social networking sites, and Facebook has used it in its main application in addition to the rest of its applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger, but Facebook wants to go to the next stage of using this feature.

And considering that ads are the main resource for Facebook, the company is preparing to launch a new test related to the stories feature, as this feature will contain advertising content, which is similar to what is currently available on the social networking platform for pictures and short videos of Facebook "Instagram" Although many users do not like the issue of listing ads, the advertising content will be different from what is found on Instagram.

According to the sources, unlike the advertising pictures or videos in Instagram stories, Facebook stories will instead contain posters, and the creator of the advertising content will receive income for each view of the stories by users, but currently the matter is still in its experimental form, but it is assumed That the feature be generalized at a later time after evaluating the experience, as sources indicate that the tests are still in their initial stages.

And according to The Verge, based on statements by Facebook officials, to qualify for these ads during broadcast, the pages you publish must contain 600,000 total minutes viewed from any set of video uploads - on demand directly, and previously directly - in the last 60 days, Plus five or more active uploads videos or previous live videos. Meanwhile, live video creators must now have 60,000 minutes of live views in the last 60 days to monetize through in-stream ads, in addition to meeting VOD requirements.

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