Can you do without the antivirus and rely on Windows Defender built into Windows?


It is known that the firewall attached to Windows 10 is so sophisticated that it can effectively combat viruses and harmful files without consuming computer resources, so Microsoft is always working to develop this program so that it can compete with the most popular antivirus programs.

Can you dispense with the antivirus and rely on Windows Defender built into Windows? The answer is certainly yes, given the advantages this program provides, the first of which is that it is completely free, as there is no paid version of it in the first place.

It can be used to do a deep scan of everything and it does not affect the speed of Windows at all, after the recent update of Windows 10, Windows Defender got a set of great features, as Windows Defender became less consuming of computer resources in case compared to other protection programs.

Also, with the Scan Offline feature, you will be able to do a full scan of your computer and remove viruses without the need to connect to the Internet and also has the feature of Enhanced Notifications and this feature is for Windows Defender notifications, and through it the program will tell you everything such as the start of the scheduled scan process or when you disable any A Microsoft service.

But spyware and adware, which is a program that automatically downloads advertisements to the computer system after installing them or when using them, has spread widely, and ransomware, in short, is a malicious program that restricts access to the computer system that infects it, and demands a ransom be paid to the program maker in order to gain access to files. .

And because the antivirus program alone is not sufficient in many times to protect your device against all threats. For this reason, you must use another program that we download and install next to the antivirus program. We recommend that you download the malwarebytes program as a guarantee to protect the device against all types of different threats.

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