When should you change your blog template and what are the conditions for the new template ?


Some of us may be obsessed with changing a blog template from time to time, but there are several negative factors that you may bring on your site by changing the template frequently

so there are several technical things you can follow to know when you should change your template and when you should keep your current template

When did you change your blog template

Changing the template is necessary if there is damage or updates to the platform and your current template does not keep up with it or actually you intend to move your blog to a new level and a new beginning and you need a new format that expresses this

Other than these things, you should not change your template in less than a year, because the visitor takes time to adapt to the design of a specific site and change it constantly makes him not feel comfortable even if the new appearance is the best person is always a habitual and feels comfortable with what is familiar to him and make the visitor not always familiar with your site He will face a problem staying in it or following it seriously

If you notice yourself, the largest sites are largely maintaining a stable appearance with updating them

Of course, Blogger blogs are different because their designs are more simple, so changing the entire design is better than patching and modifying it continuously

What are the specifications of the new template

The template is well browsable and has no problems browsing it from computers or phones

Avoid the templates issued before 2014, as most of them were not prepared to respond in an accurate manner

If you find one of them is still controlled and responsive, there is no problem, but usually most of them were not responsive

Try not to deviate too far from the colors of your template once, I mean, try to have the color of the new template has an affinity with the colors of the previous template so that the visitor can get used to the new appearance faster

My words do not mean a match but an affinity

Format the new template to suit your site, currently there are templates full of tools It does not mean that you bought a template with 20 tools that you use all of them even though the number of your topics is few or sections of your site are not many, so choose a template whose format is appropriate for the content of your site

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