Twitter is now working on feature to undo the message


Have you ever tweet something and immediately regret it? Twitter does something just for you. So Twitter may soon allow you to undo new Tweets

Tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong is the closest secret spy when it comes to the features of all platforms. The reverse engineer once again confirmed a feature that had not yet been released which was giving the user only about five seconds to undo their last tweet.

Although this may be useful if you discover a spelling mistake in some way in your Tweet before you click Send Direct, some people have indicated that a timer would be more useful if it showed the Tweet that just appeared. UI and UX designer David Svezhintsev responded to Wong's tweet, saying, `` Well in this case I wish there was a preview of the tweet while watching this indicator. ''

This might be the closest we can ever get to a edit button for Tweets. Twitter users have been shouting for the edit button in practice since the service was first launched in 2006. Unfortunately, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed in a YouTube interview with WIRED that the service "probably will never do that." Wong was also the first to discover that Twitter was integrating newsletters from Revue.

We don't know when Twitter will add the temporary downturn to all of its users. Wong's proven track record is very diverse. Sometimes new features are discovered months before they are officially launched. Other times, the release date isn't quite long after.

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