Before you blame your internet provider, know 10 things that slow your internet speed


We know very well that without the telecommunications company that controls the Internet, there are a set of factors and causes that contribute to the slowdown of the Internet connection for you, as some of these reasons can only be known directly through a set of experiences that have already been confirmed by many users, So in today's post, I wanted to share with you 10 sure reasons that contribute to slow internet speed for yours

I also share with you how to solve this problem practically

The DNS server is slow

Usually the maximum number of users uses the DNS server that your ISP provides by default, but sometimes the default DNS provided by your ISP can be slow and unreliable

Consequently, your internet connection may become slow, so in this case it is highly recommended that you change the default DNS that your ISP provides with a trusted distributor

Network frequency

Sometimes when using a router, we may find it difficult to access the Internet despite the availability of the Internet or the operation of this network with some electronic devices, so always make sure of the network frequency used, as if it is 5 GHz and your device is running only 2.4 GHz you will never be able From accessing the Internet, you must change the network frequency via the router's control panel

The telecom company is trying to throttle your Internet throughput

Sometimes when the telecommunications company notices that you are using the Internet in a large way by uploading large files in the Internet or anything like that, then it directly suffocates the Internet throughput for you in order to prevent you from doing this matter, so it is advised not to exploit the Internet throughput in a manner Complete with some tasks that require not high internet speed

A large number of users are using the same network at the same time

One of the issues facing 2.4GHz networks is that they saturate quickly, and with few users and connected devices, they start slowing down and because many users and devices in the network simply crowd the channels, and the router cannot distribute the data optimally

Very congested channels

If the Wi-Fi channel is extremely congested, the best thing is to start looking at the channels we connect to from devices and manually change them through router and channel options from time to time

Hardware network card problems

If there is a device suffering from a problem in the program that causes more channels to be filled automatically, it is necessary to specify the connection of that device from the options of the router, so you must always check your device's network card to make sure that there is no problem with the hardware

Old cables

Sometimes the reason for the slow internet for your friend may only be due to the quality of the cables in your home, as it may be sufficient reason for the slow internet speed for your friend, so always make sure to check the quality of the cables and change them

Restart the router

Simply restarting the router prevents us from getting slow internet speeds

It may sound silly but if you notice that when we contact the technical assistants of the carrier they advise you first to restart the router

The placement of the router

In most cases, when we suffer continuously from the problem of slow internet speed, this is mostly due to the location in which the router is located, so I advise you to change the location of the router, and you will notice the difference before and after the change

Wi-Fi extensions

In some cases, it is advised to use Wi-Fi extensions, which are devices used with a Wi-Fi network to pump the Wi-Fi well and reach the Internet throughput for the number of users possible

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