This is the cheapest Samsung phone that it will launch on March 11th


Samsung is revamping its lineup of mid-range devices for 2021

The company knows that the screen refresh rate is important, which is why it has introduced 90Hz on the Galaxy A series and Galaxy M series

Yes, after the launch of the Galaxy A32 with a 90Hz screen, it is now the turn of the Galaxy M12. It is a mid / low device that will run with a 90Hz refresh rate screen

It also has some other interesting features of a little over 100 euros / dollars

We can't say that the list of leaked features is surprising, but it does contain details that we could not find on the phone from last year's previous Galaxy M11

Samsung wants to add a more sophisticated touch to all of its mid-range devices in order to succeed. Here's what the Samsung Galaxy M12 has to offer

6.5 '' TFT Screen: HD + Resolution, 90Hz Refresh Rate

Exynos 850 processor


64 GB of internal storage

48 + 5 + 2 + 2 mega pixel camera, quad rear camera

8-megapixel front camera

Plastic body

USB C and 3.5mm jack

6000 mAh battery with 15 watt charging

Android 11

It is an entry-level device that has a large screen, an updated refresh rate, an adequate amount of storage space, and a large capacity battery

It is not a device for gamers or advanced users, but it is for users who want a great battery and pay attention to details like refresh rate

The device will be officially launched on March 11th in India, and maybe soon after that it will hit other markets

The price is unknown at the moment, although we can see that the Galaxy M11 is selling for around 130 euros

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