Finally, Samsung surpasses Apple in smartphone sales


The fierce competition between the two global smartphone giants, Apple of America and Samsung of South Korea, continues, especially after Huawei moved away from the arena due to US sanctions against it, and the arena has become empty for Apple and Samsung in order to compete for the largest share in the global smartphone market.

According to "The Morung Express", a report by Samsung, published by the South Korean company on Monday, showed that the company regained the lead in global smartphone sales last February, after narrowly defeating its jovial competitor Apple, in light of the results it achieved. Samsung's early version of its famous and famous Galaxy S21 series of phones, with its three versions.

The site indicates that Samsung shipped 24 million units of smartphones compared to 23.1 percent of the market share last month, according to the Center for Economic Studies, Strategy Analytics, surpassing Samsung's rival, Apple, which sold 23 million units, compared to 22.2 percent of the share during Last month as well, then came Chinese companies in the next three places, which are all of Xioami in third place with a share of 11.5 per cent, followed by Vivo with a share of 10.6 per cent, and then OPPO by 8.5 per cent.

Strategy Analytics data showed that the market share gap between Samsung and Apple was generally around 5 percentage points in February, but with strong sales of the Apple iPhone 12 series from the US tech company, the difference narrowed to only one percentage point this time. And in February, Apple's iPhone sales were up 74 percent from the previous year and 35 percent from the previous two years.

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