Samsung is starting to use drones to deliver its products to homes


Samsung has partnered with Manna Drone Delivery to deliver products from its Ireland store out of the ordinary, a dynamic that ensures the package reaches the user's home within a few minutes.

Irish users, who buy some of the latest Samsung devices through the Samsung online store, will see a drone appear in their home to deliver the product. 

A service that guarantees delivery within a few minutes of the time it leaves the distribution center. Manna Drone Delivery has already worked with other local companies to deliver various types of products via drone, such as food, medicine, books, and more. In the first phase, Samsung will only start implementing this dynamic with the city of Oranmore, but plans to expand it nationally in the future.

Of course, this dynamic will not apply to any product purchased from the Samsung Store, as it has been mentioned that the Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy Watch 3 and the latest versions of the Galaxy A series will be delivered via a drone.

So for Oranmore residents, it's just a matter of making the purchase online and waiting for the delivery service in charge of the drone.

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