5 technologies that will keep you excited for Red Magic 6


Welcome to a new article on Queen News, this time under the Reviews section. So that we will hit you an appointment today with a powerful phone that is expected to be one of the best smartphones for games and the gaming of the year 2021. In our special article about the best smartphones for games we mentioned the previous version of this device along with other devices as well, even the previous version Red Magic 5S It still has the tremendous capabilities that make it so far better than phones launched in 2020

And now, ZTE's parent company, Red Magic, is preparing to launch a new version of the phone, which is the version of Red Magic 6 on the 4 of March of this year, we still do not know exactly what types of versions it will launch (for example, the Pro version, then the s version, etc.), but the initial leaks of the ingredients The device definitely ranks it at the top ... and here is a review of it and how it can really make this phone the best gaming device for the year 2021

The first things are accessories

While companies like Samsung, Apple, and even Xiaomi have begun removing parts from the box and reducing the number of accessories, Nubia Red Magic has kept the same number of accessories in the box. Most importantly, however, the other side accessories sold separately make the gaming experience even more unique

Among them is an additional controller that is connected with the device, so that the gaming device, whether it is Red Magic 5S or Red Magic 6, turns from just a smartphone into an integrated gaming device as if you were holding a Nintendo device in your hands, and it will also be greatly useful to all our friends interested in modern games. Like PUBG, Fortnite and Call of Duty Mobile, the game will increase enthusiasm and more control with these additional accessories. And do not forget the cooling helicopters for the device to make the game process more fun by cooling the device more

The additional control hand is not the only one, but other devices such as the Red Magic Watch, the smart watch that will be highly compatible with the new device.

The beautiful thing about Nubia Red Magic is that it provides these packages for sale, meaning you do not have to buy the phone only, but you have the option to have a complete package for all accessories and devices in one go.

The distinct internal components of the device

Of course, we still cannot determine all the internal components of the Nubia Red Magic 6 as long as the official launch of the device has not been completed, but many leaks about this device give us a preliminary idea about the components and features that the Red Magic 6 will come with, which will definitely make it one of the best gaming devices. Immediately after viewing it

144Hz screen: The previous version, Red Magic 5S, comes with an AMOLED screen, with a 144Hz refresh rate. The refresh rate helps you play video games smoothly and the game's graphics compatibility with its own controller. The Red Magic 6 will come with the same options, but better in terms of screen resolution

Snapdragon 888 processor: The Red Magic 6 will come with the latest processor from Qualcomme, the Snapdragon 888 processor that is only equipped in modern flagship phones, which will make the performance of this device reach its limits, and it will be able to run all the modern and upcoming games, and run the most powerful applications quite easily

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