Watch the photo: Netflix intends to fight the phenomenon of sharing accounts between friends


Sharing accounts on the Netflix live broadcasting platform is one of the big problems that the platform suffers from, because that wastes a lot of money on it, and although the company has spoken on many occasions about the matter, it has not taken practically any step to prevent it, and again Talk back on the same topic

It seems that Netflix has already begun to implement its pledges, after many reports on the subject years ago, and it is related to a new, experimental step by Netflix to fight the phenomenon of sharing accounts, as many users of the platform announced on their accounts on social media that they had received messages inviting them. To stop watching her work through participating accounts, and to subscribe to an account of their own.

And it appears clear in the picture posted by a number of users the sentence "If you do not live with the owner of this account, you must have your own account to continue watching," and this is the message that Netflix started sending to users recently, and Netflix also started in Directing verification messages to users, according to their choice, either by e-mail or SMS.

And Netflix says that with the exception of people residing with the user in the same house, the rest of the friends are not entitled to share the same account with the original owner of the account, but until now, the matter is related to an experimental step and it has not been circulated yet, but it seems that Netflix is ​​determined to continue this Step to the end.

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