Xiaomi not only presented its new phones today but also this bracelet: Xiaomi Mi Band 6


Xiaomi not only presented cell phones today, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is now official and we already know the details of this sport bracelet. It revamps a bit and keeps the keys to previous models: the body detached from the bracelet, a lot of autonomy, a color screen and an affordable price. The renovation isn't great, but for the price it is very likely worth a renovation. If you don't have any bracelet, then it will be the perfect choice to start in the world of wearables.

The new Mi Band 6 is a minor revamp of Mi Band 5. It shares many features, especially in design. It still features a design that can be easily detached from the bracelet. The screen grows in size as well as in resolution: from 291 ppi to 326 ppi. This necessitates a 0.4-inch screen growth compared to the previous version: 1.56-inch diagonal and AMOLED technology.

Xiaomi announces a 19-day battery pack, so you don't have to worry about recharging every now and then. It is also water and dust resistant, has the necessary sensors to record more than 100 sports, records sleep and allows notifications from a smartphone.

The bad news is that the NFC-enabled version won't leave China, so outside of the country you won't be able to pay with the bracelet or use it to carry tickets inside via NFC.

The bracelet was offered in China at very attractive prices for all users, and it is as follows:

Xiaomi Mi Band 6: 34.84 dollars

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 NFC: 42.45 dollars

We are facing one of the best options on the market for users who need to log their exercise activity, sleep as well as protect notifications from their smartphones.

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