IPhone 13 will come with 1 TB of storage according to the leaks


According to information shared by Wedbush analysts, Apple could offer iPhone 13 with 1 TB internal storage space

It is a mobile device that doubles the maximum capacity the iPhone 12 Pro has so far, remember that the latter comes in capacities of 128, 256 GB and 512 GB

If this information is correct, then the iPhone 13 will be on par with the iPad Pro, of course in terms of storage. Likewise, this feature is expected to be exploited by professional users, since the storage space is quite large

 Not only will iPhone 13 come with 1 TB of storage space, but it is also expected to come with a powerful six-sensor camera (f / 1.8, 6P).

This is part of Apple's commitment to professional users and photography enthusiasts who use the device as a business tool or simply as a way to capture those special moments.

Likewise, it is rumored that the iPhone 13 will dynamically adapt its refresh rate to 120Hz, a feature found on the Apple Watch. This is a privacy that allows smartphones to keep the screen on without affecting battery life

Among other features, the device could come with a more powerful MagSafe magnetic charger and a similar design to the iPhone 12. In addition, Apple can include its own cellular modem, i.e. it was developed by itself. This would allow it to be independent of Qualcomm

The aforementioned has not been verified by Apple, however it is an indication of what Apple can offer us in the last quarter of this year when it introduces the iPhone 13

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