Major collapse of Huawei's sales in China


It seems that the effects of the economic war between China and the United States of America, which were reflected in the trade sanctions that imposed on Huawei, have burdened the Chinese giant, which in recent years was among the three largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, but is currently experiencing a continuous collapse.

Despite the end of the term of US President Donald Trump, the effects of his decisions to impose a comprehensive ban on the Chinese company Huawei still cast a perversion on the company, not only in the global market, but also within China itself, which for years formed the field of natural expansion and the first market And most importantly for Huawei, and as in the rest of the world, Huawei is losing its position in the Chinese market in favor of competitors.

According to a new report by Counterpoint Research, Huawei’s share of the Chinese market, which in the first third of last year 2020 reached 41 percent, no longer exceeded 16 percent in the first third of this year, which is what opened the field. In front of other companies competing to rise strongly in the Chinese market, where each of Oppo and Vivo succeeded in achieving 21 and 20 percent, respectively.

Huawei is trying to overcome the sanctions by taking a number of steps, including the manufacture of some components of its smartphones, which are the components that the company has prevented from purchasing from its foreign supplier because it contains American technologies, in addition to launching a new operating system as an alternative to Android.

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