HTC continues to lose money with its new phones ... the end of the company is very close!


Try as much as possible, HTC has failed to raise its head in its mobile division, and although there are still many followers for the brand, the competition is so fierce that it seems there is little it can do to stay afloat, let alone. Back to glory days.

As proof of this, HTC recently introduced the Desire 21 Pro 5G in hopes that this mid-range 5G mobile phone would be the necessary push for the brand to be on everyone's lips again, it wasn't the case. Worse yet, HTC's financial results were a severe blow from which it was unable to recover.

Ironically, after three months of steady growth in the company's revenue, HTC recorded losses last month, with profits of only Taiwan $ 228 million (NT $). These were the lowest numbers in HTC's history.

Previously, its weakest month was July 2020, when it recorded NT $ 284 million. In comparison, this is a 45.7% decrease compared to February 2020, the month the company raised NT $ 419 million.

HTC's problem is not the quality of its phones, but rather a lack of innovation, adaptation and pricing. The mobile industry does not forgive manufacturers who remain entrenched in designs of the past, if they do not innovate in design and components; And while you are not in line with the rest of the other companies, it is expected that the majority of the public will reject your cell phones.

Not only that, but more importantly, it offers competitive pricing, something HTC has not been able to achieve. A clear example of this is the Desire 21 Pro 5G, a mobile phone with a modern design and modern specifications but at a price that many are not willing to pay.

What do you think of HTC's future? HTC will likely end up abandoning mobile phone production and focusing on other profitable sectors, although that's not yet clear.

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