Facebook unveils a new feature in its smart glasses expected this year


The smart simulations of augmented reality for Facebook are one of the most awaited innovations for users and technology lovers alike, and for a long time we have been hearing a number of developments related to this innovation, especially since this project was officially unveiled by the company itself

And it became clear that Facebook's smart glasses with augmented reality will appear in the public during the current year, and we have come to know more information about that through a Facebook official, Andrew Bosworth, head of the devices department at Facebook, who spoke to followers through his account on Instagram is in direct contact with them and answered some questions, including regarding the issue of the new glasses for the company and an important feature in it

According to Andrew Bosworth, Facebook glasses for augmented reality may contain a feature of face recognition, but he indicated that this feature is the focus of long discussions in the recent period and that the glasses will eventually come, but this feature needs to be expressed by users

Themselves, and that if users do not want it, it will not be integrated into the new device

The new statement comes to confirm what was indicated by the American economic news agency "Bloomberg" last January, where Bloomberg conducted an interview with Andrew Bosworth, who indicated that the new glasses will be officially launched during the current year 2021, as they will be manufactured in partnership with the global eyeglasses factory

The famous Ray-Ban is the popular brand of the parent company Luxottica which is well known in the industry

But Andrew Bosworth did not provide much information about the new smart glasses to Facebook during his interview with Bloomberg last month, as he said that these glasses will come with a number of advantages, but he prefers not to disclose them now

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