Instagram is also preparing to launch its own alternative to the popular Clubhouse app


The big limitation of the so-called Clubhouse is that it is only available on iOS and that to access it you have to be invited by another user, something its competitors are trying to take advantage of to put themselves on the lead soon.

Well, the last thing we know is that Instagram has gone ahead and is already making its own version of the successful Clubhouse voice chat app.

 According to the latest news, one of the most important social networks at the moment, Instagram, is developing its chat rooms for voice within your application.

Thanks to app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, we were able to access a few screenshots of the Instagram app, which show how this new functionality appears in the app's interface. Thus, in these images, we can see a microphone icon next to the video camera icon that usually appears in the live broadcast of this social network, which recently launched Live Rooms, a new function that allows up to four people to broadcast live.

Although this new functionality that enables the creation of relatively new voice chat rooms, experts say this feature started testing about two years ago.

But, in addition to working on cloning the Clubhouse, Instagram is also focusing its efforts on including end-to-end encryption in its conversations, something that WhatsApp currently only has in its portfolio of mobile apps owned by Mark Zuckerberg.

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