Google announces that it will update its Chrome browser every month with new features


Get ready to receive frequent Google Chrome updates. Google announced through the official Chromium blog that, from now on, it will update its web browser every four weeks, instead of every six weeks as it has done until now

This will allow the company to bring the latest features to the browser faster, so that users do not have to wait long for new features from the moment they are announced

This announcement comes just a few days after the company released version 89 of Google Chrome for the different platforms on which the browser is available

In this sense, Google explains that Chrome updates, which are released every six weeks so far, have been intended to improve the security, speed, and simplicity of the browser

But as development progressed, the testing phase accelerated so that the company was already in a position to reduce the time that elapsed between releases

Thus, starting in the third quarter of this year, Google Chrome will be updated every four weeks with its stable version

Other versions of Chrome will not be affected by this change in strategy, and will continue to receive updates more frequently than the stable version

It also notes that security updates will be released every two weeks to fix bugs in the browser. However, I make it clear that these types of secure updates will not contain new functionality

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