Bill Gates sets the exact date by which humanity will get rid of the Corona virus


Since the coronavirus pandemic began, many virologists, doctors and researchers have dared to predict when we can return to normal and consider the virus defeated. Now, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is back to provide new predictions about the effects of the epidemic, and he has also provided a date upon which, as he says, can resume normal life.

For businessman Bill Gates, at the end of 2022, humanity will view COVID-19 as "devastating." According to him, only a year and a few months remain until we can return "to a completely normal life."

In an interview with the Polish newspaper 'Gazeta Wyborcza', the Microsoft co-founder pinned his hopes on vaccines against the Coronavirus. For Gates, with the doses administered against the Coronavirus, it will be possible to return to the "old normal" at "the end of 2022".

However, in his interview with the media, he also highlighted the need for the entire population to be vaccinated in both rich and poor countries. If no coronavirus vaccine doses are given in the poorest countries, new strains may emerge again, making the coronavirus even more deadly and deadly.

And in another interview conducted by Bill Gates with the scientist Derek Muller, he also warned of the arrival of new epidemics after the disappearance of the Corona virus. The businessman warned that "there will definitely be more epidemics."

 The Coronavirus pandemic has left more than 640,000 cases in the world during the past 24 hours, exceeding the 126 million total infections, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University in the latest update yesterday, Saturday.

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