How to make your phone answer calls automatically without touching it and talking to those who called you if you were far from your phone


There are many Android apps available which, if installed on a smartphone, allow users to answer calls without touching the phone. It could be the next generation of cell phones

The dynamics of using mobile devices, and more specifically cell phones, have made gadgets increasingly necessary to be able to perform certain actions on them hands-free and even without touching the device. Applications to answer calls entering this line

You may be driving, taking care of your child, taking a shower, or in other situations that do not allow you to respond, but you also do not want to look bad with someone who will contact you by not responding to them, in these cases there are many applications that will help you

One of the best apps out there is the Moto Answer. Many cyclists or drivers use it in general. Makes it easy to receive calls because it is activated directly to answer with your hearing aids

Moto Answer consumes almost no battery and in its free version, it will allow you to answer between 6 and 8 calls per day

When you open the application, the first option that you will find in the interface says that when activated, your phone will answer any call automatically without touching it

If you also activate the second option, the app will automatically turn on the speakerphone so that you can speak with the caller remotely if your phone is far away from you, and the third option, if you want not to open the calls despite anonymous, call you

Or the fourth option, it is for not responding to unwanted numbers, as the application allows you to add numbers to the blacklist so that it will not be answered

In fact, there are a few advanced and expensive phones available in the market that allow users to answer or make calls simply by waving in front of the phones without going through the screen or without making any movement or touching it, but if you do not have money to buy these phones then it is sufficient to use This application that adds this feature to your phone

Application link : MotoAnswer

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