Reports: Apple is developing a new and different version of the Apple Watch


Apple started making smart watches a while ago, as the reputation of Apple Watch reached record levels due to the many unique features available in it, and Apple wants to continue investing in the field of wearable devices in general and smart watches in particular, and new reports indicate that Apple It is working on developing a smart watch for special use.

According to Bloomberg Economic News, Apple is working to develop a new type of smart watch that will be dedicated only to practitioners of violent sports, which are also called free sports, excitement sports, or adventure sports, and these definitions express specific activities that are noticed to involve a high degree The dangers to it, which are activities that often require speed, altitude, a high level of physical exertion, and highly specialized devices.

Apple wants this new idea to enter into competition with companies known to be a major manufacturer of this type of device, such as the famous Japanese company Casio, where Bloomberg indicates that the new model of Apple Watch is under development internally at Apple, and by means of sourcing the new model Under the "Explorer" mode, it will come with a more robust chassis that replaces the current models based on the existing stainless steel, aluminum or titanium chassis.

It is noteworthy that Apple, according to statistics, controls 40 percent of the wearables market, ahead of the competitors by a significant margin.

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