App TikTok is banned in a new country


It seems that the problems of the social networking application TikTok in the countries of the world are still continuing, after trying to ban the application in the United States of America due to accusations of espionage during the days of former President Donald Trump, the application faces similar troubles in other countries around the world.

And the last of these countries was Pakistan, in which the Pakistan Communications Authority decided to prohibit the application on its territory, for the second time. Last Thursday, after a court order due to accusations that the platform is publishing "immoral content," the commission issued directives to service providers and telecom operators to block access to the TikTok app immediately, according to what the media said after the order was issued by the Supreme Court in Peshawar.

 And the application of short videos TikTok had received warnings during the past months from the guardian body to regulate the telecommunications sector in the State of Pakistan, before it decided in November to ban the application of TikTok on its territory, and the reason for that at the time is due, according to officials, to what they described as immoral content and According to a press release from the Guardian Authority of the Telecommunications Regulatory Sector in Pakistan, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), during that period, the latter issued warnings to the Chinese application and gave it sufficient time to develop an "effective mechanism for proactive supervision." On illegal online content, "but the platform failed to do so, and thus the commission decided to block the TikTok application.

Despite this, the Pakistan Communications Authority (PTA) gave the Chinese developer of the application ByteDance last November another opportunity to remedy the matter, as the commission indicated that it is possible to re-review the sump in the event that TikTok can create a satisfactory mechanism that enables the review of contentious content, which is what has been done. Indeed, the PTA did not disclose whether the ban this time was temporary or final.

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