Google announces Android Ready SE Alliance, what is this system and how will it benefit you?


Yesterday, Google announced a new project called Android Ready SE Alliance, which aims to improve system security and reduce fragmentation in the security department.

Segmentation is a problem that appears to be rooted in Android, it is difficult for Google's operating system to someday be able to access retail numbers for iOS, but with this kind of solution, Google seeks for all users of the phone brand of their choice to have the same functionality.

Samsung and Google are currently manufacturers who have provided their own security-focused solutions. In the case of the South Korean brand, we have Knox, while some pixels have a security chip called Titan M.

With the Android Ready SE Alliance, Google wants all phones to be able to securely store digital vehicle keys, IDs and digital wallets in one unified system.

Obviously, every company will need to include its own security chip, but Google with the Android Ready SE Alliance wants everyone to use the same system so that there is operability in any phone and manufacturers don't start creating different alternatives of their own.

The Android Ready SE Alliance will be available on Android, WearOS, Android Auto and Android TV.

Google says that there are already many manufacturers adopting and working on Android Ready SE, and it hopes that little by little more partners will join, because at the moment no famous manufacturer has joined this initiative.

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