Adsense rejection messages that are not understood


If you applied for Adsense one day, then it is most likely that you were rejected at least once, and your account may have been suspended before you, but most likely you will encounter one of the incomprehensible Adsense messages, you will receive a rejection message, and you do not understand what exactly is the reason for which they reject your site and do not know How to solve it.

Amr Mostafa, the owner of the cnmu blog, says: Because of my work on Blogger personally, my introduction to Adsense was previously rejected many times, as well as the sites that I help workers with, in my paid services, many inquiries about Adsense messages arrive, which made me create an image that is a product of his experience in dealing and not based on Any evidence, it is something from experience that I pass on to you

Out of date, perhaps 7 years or more, acceptance in Adsense was not very difficult, and upon rejection a clear message would arrive such as "that the site did not comply with our policies or conditions" something like this, which simply means that the site is weak Adsense will not accept your progress with it, even if it is Your site is good and there are errors. You receive a message explaining specifically what errors you need to fix for them to accept your account

Now the messages are vague, you get a message telling you that they cannot browse the site, or that the site is defective, or that there are software problems or that there are problems with the content, but they do not explain anything that they throw at you that message and you go change the template and write more topics and do Actions and in the end the same message comes to you.

From my experience of these unclear messages, it is nothing more than a new way to tell you that your site is weak and not suitable for their program now, but instead of telling you this frankly and clearly, they resort to a vague message like this, you start working on your site more and improve and accept it and you think that what you did in terms of modifications Technique or template change is the reason for acceptance

Adsense is only interested in one thing

In my opinion, the decisive thing with Adsense is that you have a large audience and the more your visitors and readers numbers your site, the greater your chance of being accepted into Adsense, it does not matter that your template is superstitious. It does not matter that you write great topics, visitors and the activity on your site is the basis, as well as that your site does not contain Violation of property rights because the advertisers themselves are the owners of the property rights

A simple story proves what I'm saying

When I deleted and reinstated my blog, my previous AdSense account was also deleted and I installed a new domain, so of course it was ranked poorly and its statistics are weak

When I applied to Adsense, I got a message from these vague messages, that my site has technical problems or something like that, I got used to those messages and I did not take any technical action at all, and as you know that I am in writing about topics, the content has not changed.

Then, within two months, my site regained its original arrangement, its stats, and its strength in the search engine, so I applied to Adsense, and they agreed to the account. If the technical problems they agreed, they would not have agreed, and nothing changed in my site.

What I understood from the matter, the reviewer entered and found a site with weak statistics that he rejected, then another reviewer entered it two months later, when re-progressing, he found a site with strong statistics before it.

Rejection letters have no value as long as you do not provide details that can be fixed. If the matter is vague, this is their way of telling you that your site is weak with taste only.

A question may come to your mind: There are sites that are weaker than mine and are being accepted, so why?

The problem is that the weakness of the site is not only the number of its visitors, but the category, meaning, for example, the category of technical sites is very many, therefore Adsense will not agree to any technical site. It will make the conditions for approval of a technical site much more difficult, while a site may accept fewer statistics, but it is in an area that is not widespread so that it targets that category Of visitors

Adsense wants to cover the largest number of unique visitors, you do not need to agree to a million technical sites that have the same visitors, it is sufficient to agree to 5 thousand distinct sites from them only and visitors who go to the rest naturally frequent larger sites, so you do not need to target them, so the ceiling of conditions is raised in those sites The higher the category of sites you compete in, the lower your chance of acceptance

So when a vague message comes to you, do not go and turn your site upside down and change everything in it, just make sure that you do not have content that violates property rights, and make sure that your template does not contain harmful files or that your site shows alerts from the browser or protection programs and work to improve the numbers Your visitors, but you do not need to change your template as long as it is good, you do not need to delete topics as long as there is no problem with it, it is only the quality of your sites in terms of visitors

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