A telecom company advises its users to turn off the 5G feature to conserve battery


The news of the 5G communications network around the world continues to attract a lot of attention, especially with the beginning of its launch in a number of countries, and in the United States of America, a tweet by a famous telecommunications company about the need to extinguish 5G on smartphones to preserve the battery has sparked a lot of controversy

According to the American media, the famous American telecom company Verizon published a tweet on one of its accounts on the social networking site Twitter, which is the tweet in which the company provides advice to users who notice that the life span of their smartphone battery is less than expected, and the company invited through the same tweet to Turning off LTE or Long Term Evolution on phones, which is the latest standard in mobile network technology, but the company was cautious about talking about 5G as The Verge suggests

The tweet that the company published last Sunday morning was then deleted from its Twitter account, especially after many users on the social media platform criticized this, noting that switching to LTE-only means turning off the 5G network on some newer phones, which is What is considered problematic for users in the USA

Verizon Communications has been aggressively promoting 5G phones and the fact that it has spent more than $ 45 billion bidding on new, faster spectrum, according to The Verge, while 5G technology is steadily making its way in the US as the network continues to expand

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