After the big uproar .. WhatsApp changes the new privacy policy and this is what you have to accept to use it


On January 6, WhatsApp announced changes to its privacy policies. When opening the app, the advertisement filled the screen, with text and a white background announcing that the changes are coming and that if you don't accept them, on February 8, 2021, you will not be able to use the account.

The advertisement confused and angered its users, who already numbered two billion people in the world, and the company has halted the changes until further notice; However, as of February 22nd, announcements of the changes will start appearing again on WhatsApp, although depending on the app, they will do so in a more friendly manner and this shows that the changes are not related to personal conversations but only apply to companies that use the WhatsApp API. To communicate with users who decide to do so.

WhatsApp says in a statement:

“As we announced, we want to tell you that we are developing new ways to chat with companies or make purchases via WhatsApp, which are completely optional. On the other hand, personal messages that you send will remain encrypted end-to-end forever, so WhatsApp will not be able to read or listen to them. , ".

The company clarified that among the three usage modes that the app has: user, WhatsApp Business (for small and medium businesses) and WhatsApp Business API, the changes apply only to the third option, and they clarified that the information the app collects from user conversations will remain the same based on 2016 policies .

The central change to the new policy is that, now, large companies that use WhatsApp APIs, for example to provide customer service, will have the option to have a third company manage this data and chats with users who decide to communicate with them.

In other words, whether with integrators or with Facebook, brands will share user data that gives them permission, to give them services and advertising offers more appropriate to their tastes and customs.

 These changes are in line, according to WhatsApp, with future plans to integrate payments directly into the app and the ability to transfer money between people within WhatsApp, as is already the case in countries such as India.

Although WhatsApp initially informed that if you do not accept the new terms and conditions, your account will stop working on February 8, now the app says this won't happen but the change date will start on May 15. As from this date a sign will remind you to accept the new conditions.

If you do not accept the policies, your WhatsApp account will likely lose support and functionality until you accept them.

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