Waircut tool for hacking wifi networks on windows


Each time, we suggest to you, dear reader, a full explanation of a set of hacking and hacking tools, with the aim of defining them for you and showing you the most important features and services that they provide, when you also use them, and even how to use them as well

Today we will suggest you a new hacking tool with its explanation, it is a Waircut tool dedicated to hacking Wi-Fi networks and wireless networks, you must have used it one day or tried it as well, and if you did not, after reading this article about this tool you will start using it in the future if circumstances agree, so come Let's get to know it more

Explanation of Waircut tool to hack wifi networks

Waircut tool is a tool that comes dedicated to testing Wi-Fi penetration, the tool comes with a graphic interface (GUI), it is a tool based on PixieWPS technology specialized in testing Wi-Fi penetration through WPS

The tool allows you to detect open WPS-style Wi-Fi networks, then review a set of potential network PINs, the tool has some other features such as trying this PIN directly as well as extracting complete network information such as the ESSID and the router name and its properties

When did you use the Waircut tool successfully

In order to use the Waircut tool, you need some other software installed on your device, the most important of which is the Jumpstart program, this latter allows you to test a set of Pin codes that Waircut extracts and try it directly on the target router

The second important thing that must be taken into account is the possibility of testing the penetration of Wi-Fi networks through WPS, you should realize that the tool does not work at all and will not give any result in the case of the Wi-Fi network is not activated for WPS, as the aforementioned tool is built originally PixieWPS dedicated to hacking Wi-Fi networks

We also suggest that you use this tool only to test penetration into your networks or that you have authority over, and it is not recommended to penetrate any other networks that are not affiliated with you

How to use the Waircut tool

 You start first by choosing the type of network card you want to use. Automatically if you only use one and it is your computer will appear normally, but if you are using an external network card (for example an Alpha device), you will have to choose it at the top.

 Click on Scan or Scan to perform a scan for networks near you, the program will show the networks in the middle list.

 Networks that can be exploited by the program will appear with a green tick, and they are networks that have a WPS port and the program can be exploited to penetrate them, networks that appear with a gray mark means that they cannot be hacked by Waircut

 We choose the network and mark it. In the side menu on the right, all the network information will appear, including the possible PIN code that can be tried

 In the bottom menu you will find the Start option, and here the program will test the potential PIN on the network and try to extract its password, but in order to do this you need to install the Jumpstart software in your device beforehand

 In the event that the network is connected and has good connection quality, the password will appear after minutes of testing with the correct PIN

Systems supported by Waircut

The Waircut tool is specifically intended for Windows users, and we can say that it is just a graphic interface for the PixieWPS program. If you want to try the tool, for example on Linux, you do not need Waircut in the first place, as you can directly download and use PixieWPS or Reaver, for example, and use them for the same purpose, but via the terminal