The Galaxy Note series is coming to an end


If you've been following the tech news, you know for sure that the Galaxy Note series is nearing its end. Samsung is increasingly taking more and more functions of these devices to implement in other phones, so, little by little, it's trying to get Note series fans to switch to another series of the company. Today we have another clue about the Galaxy Note's death announcement. It is tied to the well-known S-Pen support in the Galaxy S21 series. Now another series can get this pen

The leaks about the Galaxy Z Fold 3 tell us that the device will provide support for the use of the Samsung S-Pen. It's exactly the same strategy we've already seen with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. We cannot confirm this, but everything indicates that the flexible screen of this future device will be able to support the S-Pen

It is unknown if the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will include a hole that has the stylus inside it, something the Galaxy Note has had for years that is not present on the Galaxy S21 Ultra

This new leak makes us think, more that the Galaxy Note has a few days on end. It is possible that Samsung will focus on foldable phones and not much on the Galaxy Note series

It is possible that in 2021 the Galaxy Note 21 will be launched and it will be the last phone in this series. It is also possible to replace the Samsung Galaxy Note with the Galaxy Fold