Solve the problem of blocking your site through protection programs


Blocking some protection programs for your site, a problem that may happen to any of us regardless of whether his site really has a problem or not

Anti-protection algorithms work with algorithms and may be flawed, as well as there may be a person targeting your site and wanting to harm you and making reports that your site has something harmful, of course this requires a large number of reports, but there are those who harm others are the goal of them.

How do you protect yourself from these things?

In principle, this is something that I have encountered a while ago, so the solution that I will market to you is the followed and successful procedure in these matters, God willing

First, check your site

A- Check your site periodically on Virustotal

If any infections appear, know the names of the protection programs that have classified your site as infected, you will find next to each infection the name of the protection program that classified it.

It is preferable to work on the matter quickly, as sometimes the protection programs may begin to classify your site as wrong based on the classification of other programs. The ratings may increase with time if not dealt with.

Secondly, initial measures to take

A- Your blog template: Make sure that you are using a template from a trusted source, as the problem may be from it and it contains malicious files

B - Topics: Make sure of your topics. You may have a problem with a specific topic. You copied something from another site and moved those files when you copied without knowing, and they are malicious files that cause this ban. At least review all the topics that appear to you on the home page and make sure that it is not There is something harmful to it

The review will be manual by switching the topic from authoring to HTML mode

And specifically make sure that there are no JavaScript codes that cause these problems, and those codes begin with a word


If you do not know it, if you find it in the topics, delete the content of the topic and rewrite it manually without copying

Third, reports of protection programs

Each security program provides a page on its official website with the goal of reviewing misclassified sites or files

All you have to do is put in Google the name of the protection program that classified your site as a malicious site

And then the word False Positive

Some programs are more difficult than others to find that page, but for every single program you just have to make some effort to find it

Or seek the help of someone who previously dealt with the matter

These pages often consist of a field to add the link, a field to type in information, such as telling them that your site is correct, for example

From my experience the websites response is fast, the maximum one took about 48 hours

Unfortunately, I cannot clarify more details about the sending method and so on because the pages are many and different and their format changes from time to time, some of them may request an account registration

But in general, they are the same pattern, and you must use a valid mail if they request it to receive a response

After the response arrives, you can do a new check on your site via Virustotal to make sure that it is sound

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