Who is Satoshi Nakamoto - the founder of Bitcoin


There are many digital currencies offered on the platforms today, as these currencies differ among themselves in terms of trading value and in terms of its founder, as there are many uncommon and few currencies traded, on the other hand, there are some currencies that gained a significant share of the market and trading in them became a daily routine.

It has many people, and one of the most prominent currencies that have spread in various countries of the world, Bitcoin, which at the same time raised a lot of controversy and questions about how it appeared, and the secret of its success compared to the rest of the other currencies that most of them end in failure before the completion of a year after its launch, but the most prominent question It revolves around Bitcoin, about its founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, who he is and how he created the Bitcoin ... All are questions we will answer them through this article.

Firstly, Satoshi Nakamoto is known to be a mysterious and invisible person to the media, even at the beginning of his project to launch the Bitcoin currency, he was careful not to show his identity or personal information about him and not to share it with his colleagues who participated in the launch of his digital currency, and after a short time Satoshi Nakamoto completely disappeared from the scene.

One of the misconceptions that many people think is that the founder of Bitcoin is Japanese. In fact, we do not say definitively that he is not Japanese. However, the basis of judgment on which these people are based is only his name. However, books do not judge them only by reading their title. The word “satoshi” means “sound, clear, fast, and wise thinking” - and the word “naka” means “the middle, inner, or relationship” - while the word “moto” means “origin or foundation,” so it cannot be asserted that he is Japanese at the same time. It can be said absolutely and denied that he is not Japanese.

From the information available about him according to the people who worked with him at the beginning of the Bitcoin development is Satoshi Nakamoto's belief that the system is very accurate and according to the main developer "Jeff Jarzik", he was not doing traditional programming and this is confirmed by not applying the rigorous tests expected of a traditional engineer of mathematics.

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