The new game PUBG: New State is now available on Google Play ... the second version of PUBG Mobile


We learned that PUBG Mobile II was about to arrive, and it was. The South Korean developer of the original game, Krafton, today announced the arrival of PUBG: New State, a new mobile battle royale game based on the most successful first game, that takes us several years into a technology-filled future

PUBG: New State is set in the year 2051, at a time when a war between factions breaks out, and our mission will be to kill all the enemies so that we will be the last to stand the end

As expected, the new game is based on the original game, with the same mechanics and identical look: 100 players must jump from a plane to fight each other, collecting weapons and equipment so that only one survivor remains. However, the new version adds new features like a completely revamped 8 x 8 km map

The gameplay has been revamped by adding new gadgets and equipment depending on the time the game takes place. And so we find drones, bunkers, futuristic vehicles and new types of weapons

The game's graphics have also been improved, so that, according to the company, it is able to run it in the next generation of mobile devices to the maximum. As the latest novelties in this sense, global lighting technology is being added

The game is available on Google Play in the first pre-registration stage, which anyone can subscribe to simply by accessing the PUBG: New State page in the store. Once available, you will be required to have an Android version equal to or greater than 6.0 Marshmallow, and at least 2.5 GB of RAM

Registration link to be the first to try it as soon as it launches: PUBG: New State