Protect your WhatsApp account from being hacked... Do you know how this is done to protect yourself?


WhatsApp application, which is an application that Facebook acquired in 2014 and is taking care of it in its own way to become one of the most famous communication applications in the world in our hands

The WhatsApp application comes with many features that make it so, it is first to provide contact and communication through The Internet instead of regular messaging using the recharge balance in your own card, and all you need to achieve this is the Internet for you and the other party, the last one that no person can live without

little by little Facebook started to include many services in the WhatsApp application as sending Pictures, videos, and files, then customizing groups and including people in them, then chatting and messaging by voice and then by video

All these features and more have attracted many and many users around the world, and the number of WhatsApp users is close to the number of Facebook users, the most famous network in the world

the WhatsApp application also becomes a large harvest yard for collecting information and data, in case you are wondering how to win Facebook From one of the largest applications ever, and this great bounce of users on the application has also opened the way for many hackers and hackers to place their nets and their traps using several methods

in our article this we will extract these methods, and mention the most important means used by hackers to hack an account WhatsApp, with mentioning the protection methods that must be followed in order to prevent this, can you follow this article with us

Attention: We remind you, dear reader, that this article is dedicated to its specialists, who are the people who want to learn to Hack WhatsApp account with the aim of knowledge, so that you can know the hacker method and protect yourself from any hacks, and that this article is not intended to harm anyone as much as enlightening you in order to protect yourself from hacking

Hack WhatsApp using the web version

We know that many have a preconceived idea about this method due to its popularity, but there is no problem in defining it more and its mechanics for those who have no idea about it

The WhatsApp application allows the user to use the application on the web page by using matching the QR code that appears on the screen and Examine it using your account in the application on the phone, people close to you can exploit this matter against you and spy on your WhatsApp account at the lowest costs

as they can take your phone surreptitiously and then check the QR code on the WhatsApp page on their computers, for example, then they will be able to see all the messages That you access, and you can view the web page permanently as long as the phone is connected to the Internet, and you can open the page at any time as long as the user has not removed the access from the computer from the application settings.

But this method of hacking WhatsApp (or originally spying, if you will) is not complete, so operating WhatsApp using the web version shows a notification to the user on the phone that his account is open in the web version, and he can click on it and stop it, and he can even know which Computer and browser are used, so it is difficult for this method to succeed

so do not be afraid to use it and check the notifications carefully for WhatsApp

Hack WhatsApp via Metasploit

There are many professional hacking tools through which you can hack a WhatsApp account, perhaps the most prominent of which is the use of the Metasploit tool

as this latter is one of the most powerful hacking tools at all and provides many programs within it that allow you to perform large-scale hack operations not on an application WhatsApp only, but almost all accounts. We will specialize more in WhatsApp now.

How can this tool be used to hack WhatsApp account? You create the so-called Backdoor through Metasploit software, which is embodied in the latter in the form of another application, image, or link only, and you in turn send this link to the victim whose account you want to hack

as soon as you click on it, a new account will appear for you in the Metasploit software panel, because The tool works in the Console only. You will have to master some coding here, the programming will not allow you to send or see messages even to be frank with you, as it will only allow you to access the media features in the WhatsApp application, that is, to see the pictures sent to you, videos and audio files as well .

How to protect yourself from this method? Simply do not click on any untrusted link that does not have a valid address (most of the links that are booby trapped are in the form of an IP such as, or are in unknown domains (http: //web.oxt), for example, and the most important thing is not to click. On any image or link from an originally unknown number

Before we conclude with you the hacking of WhatsApp through Metasploit, it is worth noting that the same goal can be achieved by using the phone using the Termux platform on the phone and installing metasploit through it, in this way you can get Computer-like features to spy on WhatsApp account.

Hack WhatsApp by hacking the phone

The same thing applies to the computer, if you want to access a specific account that the "victim" uses on a certain device on a daily basis, just hack the entire device and later access the device using different methods

It is not impossible in Android (we will devote this explanation here to Android, but it can be achieved on the Android device. iOS also)

you will need what is called the Rat that you can create using many programs, on top of which is the Metasploit that we explained previously, or other software such as Dendroid that allows you to manufacture it specifically for Android

the latter will produce a small software in the form of an application that you send to the victim, either On the mail or messages, any method for him to install on his Android device, do not forget to encrypt it too, after which he will be able to control his device completely.

In order to access his WhatsApp account, it is sufficient to log out of the account and log in to it from your personal phone, when you are asked to activate the activation code to access the application, extract the code using the Rat that you have installed on the victim's phone, and access WhatsApp from your own phone and access all messages and Full control over it.

As for how to protect yourself from this method, it is in bold: Do not download any external applications that are not from the Google Play Store or from one of the other official stores, especially if they are sent to you by a specific person.

Hack WhatsApp account by hacking SMS activation

The WhatsApp application uses the feature of sending the account activation code by text message or SMS or via a call that carries the device confirmation code, this command allows you to ensure the compatibility of both the device and the WhatsApp account so that you cannot open a WhatsApp account on more than one device

The one adopted by hackers here is eavesdropping on the SMS message that you receive in order to activate the device and be exploited in another device and access your WhatsApp account without your knowledge, but how exactly is eavesdropping on these messages?

There are many ways that you can eavesdrop on the SMS message that you receive, perhaps the most prominent of which is the use of SS7 technology, SS7 technology registers your private phone number in a fake Roaming network that intends to receive your calls and SMS messages, the process is done first by inventorying all device information from His marrow (such as IMEI, Networks, etc.)

 then the SS7 software is prepared to be compatible with that device and its networks, then the hacker receives and spies on all the text messages and communications that are received on the victim's phone, and through it he can see an activation code WhatsApp in the message, and hack your account.

As for protecting yourself against this method, it is a little difficult, but always adhere to the initial protection tips, do not click or download anything unknown, and in the event that you get a WhatsApp activation message you did not expect, close your account and reactivate it quickly before the hacker sees it.

Hack WhatsApp account by social engineering

Many people think that they are impregnable or not suitable for social engineering techniques, and it is sufficient to answer them that they have not yet been mentally penetrated by professionals

Social engineering professionals can access any information no matter how difficult it becomes, such as the WhatsApp activation message that you will receive, or even persuade him to photograph The QR code and its re-copy on the basis that it is a WhatsApp account strengthening service (believe me after the F8 event, I can tell you that it is very easy)

or persuade him to even use his WhatsApp account on your phone for a while (in this case you can extract some information that You want quickly), the hacking of the mind is unparalleled, and you can always reach your desire by hacking the victim's WhatsApp account by hacking his mind first!

Here we advise you to take caution and caution, it does not matter if the owner of the account is your brother or your father (he is mostly a person who only claims that), or your friend or girlfriend, it does not matter who is always trying to take the initial protection precautions so as not to be hacked.

Hack WhatsApp account using paid software

Yes, there are also paid services that allow the hacker to spy and penetrate the WhatsApp account, we cannot talk about the hacking in this case, but only spying to be more accurate, among these programs, for example, the NexSpy program, which is the most famous of all other eavesdropping and spying programs

The latter allows you to search the victim's information, fetch and spy on all the messages exchanged between the rest of the parties, as well as access to media files such as pictures and others, but NexSpy or any other software is a paid program, and it is only the most advanced and used versions. More intuitive than a software like Metasploit aforementioned as well.

Also here, to protect yourself, it is sufficient to keep yourself away, but in all dimensions on every sign or message from anonymous informing you by clicking on links or downloading pictures and others.

Hack WhatsApp account using third-party applications

Third-party applications are among the means that threaten your WhatsApp account, and WhatsApp announced in a post on its official website that it does not recommend at all to use these applications, for example applications such as GB Whatsapp or Whatsapp Gold (Gold WhatsApp)

are applications that you can Access to your messages and the people you communicate with, which threatens your account a lot by sending unwanted messages from the controllers of these applications

it has become commonplace and recently that the WhatsApp Gold application is originally an amalgam application that is used only to collect data and control User account, so next time think twice my friend before you install one of these applications

Desperately using MITM technology

MITM or Man In The Middle is another hacking technique that should be wary of, but fortunately the company developing the application has secured the application against this type of attacks by including the End-to-End Encryption feature, you may notice at the start of chatting with someone WhatsApp has a message indicating that this conversation is protected by End-to-End Encryption

as the MITM hacker eavesdropping on your messages as soon as he communicates with you on the network through various programs, except that in this case he even gets the messages Alo files will be accessed in encrypted form and it may be difficult for him to decrypt them a lot.

Therefore, you are not afraid of this technology, but it must be noted that it is one of the types of WhatsApp hacks that you should definitely be wary of.

These were the most important means of hacking and hacking a WhatsApp account, and how to protect yourself from them as well, You can always support the inclusion of other technologies by sending them to us through the Queen News blog contact form so that they are included in the post