Grammarly : The most powerful free English sentence correction program


The use of the English language in our daily life has become inevitable, even if the English language is not part of your field of study or work, you send electronic emails, use social media, Google search engine, YouTube or other sources on a daily basis!

So if you use the English language in your daily life and suffer from spelling errors or grammatical errors while using this language, you do not need to worry anymore! Because through this article we will introduce you to the application of the latest revolution in the process of writing in English on the Internet, the famous Grammarly!

What is Grammarly, what are its most important features, and how can you use the Grammarly program for free? Let's find out about all your previous inquiries now!

Eliminate spelling and grammar mistakes in English by downloading Grammarly for free

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly can be defined as an aid in the writing, checking and editing process in English. That is, more clearly, you are writing a specific sentence or text, and the application shows the spelling and grammar mistakes you made and gives you solutions to improve your work!

In fact, it does not stop on spelling errors, but rather checks more than 250 types of spelling, grammatical, punctuation, and convention errors, makes your writing more understandable, and helps you leave the correct impression on the reader based on your audience and goals.

Additionally, Grammarly is able to check the tone of your correspondence, and provide synonymous suggestions to make your text more readable.

Millions of users depend on Grammarly every day to make their messages, documents, and social media posts clear and error-free.Imagine that the number of active users per day is 30 million!

How to use Grammarly

Get the complete Grammarly Program.

Simply imagine that you have a school job to write about a topic in the English language, you write the required topic at home and later you hand over the job to the. The Grammarly app is the professor in this case!

All you have to do is download the Grammarly program for free to your computer and then you can use it to verify your writing in several ways:

Grammarly helps you write correctly for almost every website. You will see the green Grammarly logo in the lower right corner of every text field that Grammarly checks.

Additionally, you can copy and paste any English text into the Grammarly editor or into the Grammarly desktop app.

To check your writing directly in Microsoft Office, you can use Grammarly for Microsoft Office on Windows or Grammarly for Microsoft Word on Mac.

You can import the files directly into the application, where you can use files written in English and you are not sure of their accuracy.

The most important feature of the application is that it not only corrects the mistakes that you make while learning or writing the language, but also gives you solutions so that you know your mistakes and avoid them in the coming times. The app gives your text a certain score of points, then guides you to make improvements step-by-step.

At the same time, improvements that the app brings to you can be rejected, as sometimes you may want to leave the work you have done as it is.

How can I download Grammarly PC for free?

The process of creating a free account for Grammarly is very simple and takes no effort. All you have to do is go to the app's website via this link, and then put your email information to create a free account, as shown in the picture.

You can put in the email and hit Sign Up or you can click on Google or Facebook bookmark and link your account to it.

Note that the first option is to choose the reason for using the application, is it to help you in your studies, work, or for another reason ?! Choose the one and click Continue.

Note that there are several options in the later stage, here you can choose the features that you can take advantage of in the application.

As for the first option, which is Spelling and grammar, if you choose it, the application will help you later in solving the problem of spelling errors in the English language.

The second option is Sounding Fluent, if you choose it, the app helps you later highlight yourself as a person fluent in the English language.

As for the third option, Synonyms, if you choose it, the app helps you later on using vocabulary similar to the vocabulary you mentioned, but in a more academic way.

As for the desired option, Clear Communication, if you choose it, then the app helps you make your text easier to read and understand.

Practically, you can choose one option from the previous list or more than one, and the topic at the end depends on the features you want to use in the application.

The next and last step is choosing your native or preferred language.

What are the pros and cons of using the Grammarly app

Pros of using Grammarly

High accuracy in performance: the features of this application make it one of the most accurate and best tools used in academic writing in English.

Ability to use it on all devices: You are not limited to using it on your computer only, but it can be used on tablet and mobile device or used as an add-on to Google Chrome.

Ability to use most of the app's features for free: The app allows you to create an account and use most of the features for free, and this helps people who need it to do simple and basic things only.

The downsides of using Grammarly

The need to subscribe to the paid version to get all the features of the application. It is true that the use of the application is basically free, but as is the case with most applications you can get additional features for a monthly or annual subscription.

Who Can Use the Grammarly App

Practically, the application can be used by anyone who uses the English language in his daily life, but it is widely used by:


Content marketers and copywriters.

The Authors.

Academics interested in discovering plagiarism.

Any business professional who wants to craft an accurate report, presentation, email, or social media post.

the students.

Anyone who writes in English a lot.

Even some English-speaking people are using this great app to shorten time and make it easier to scrutinize projects and work that they do.

What is the difference between the free and paid version of Grammarly?

There is a clear difference between the free and the paid version of the Grammarly app, as Grammarly Free contains most of the Grammarly Premium features, except for the advanced grammar checker, transcription detector and some vocabulary improvement suggestions.

In other words, the free version is ideal for writers and bloggers on a budget of writing tools.

If you are wondering what to get with Grammarly Premium, it provides detailed information about every error that you encounter in the writing process, that is, it can be said in the free version that you get a breakdown of the errors, but not as accurately as the paid version.

Here are more features of the Grammarly paid app that I find very useful for some:

Advanced checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure. I find this particularly useful for creating easy-to-read English language content.

Vocabulary improvement suggestions This will help you acquire a large number of new vocabulary, if you are learning English. This feature is ideal for avoiding repetitive synonyms.

Writing style improvements.

Plagiarism detector that scans over 16 billion web pages. This is perhaps one of the most valuable features in Grammarly's premium. It's like having an editor and Copyscape built in at the same time.

Greater accuracy in detecting grammatical and grammatical errors. No matter how advanced your level of English is, believe me, you are prone to making grammatical mistakes, and there are things we tend to forget or grammar we have not learned. So this feature can be especially useful for anyone, whether at a beginner or advanced level.

There is no doubt that the free version is something terrible and special, but at the same time if you are looking for additional features or have projects that you have to do in English or that writing in English is part of your studies or work, then there is no harm in investing some money for better results .

Do you think you need the paid version ?! So let's find out what the costs are for Grammarly Premium.

How much does the Grammarly premium cost?

Here are Grammarly's pricing options as of this year:

The cost of a monthly subscription to the paid version of Grammarly is around $ 26.41 per month.

The cost of a quarterly subscription to the paid version of Grammarly is about 17.62 per month, and a one-off payment is $ 52.86.

The cost of an annual subscription to the paid version of Grammarly is about $ 10.28 per month, and paid as a single payment of $ 123.40.

In this way, my friends, we have learned how to get Grammarly for free and the benefits that can be achieved by downloading this wonderful application to your computer or smart device!

If you are looking for a way to get the Grammarly program complete with all the extra features, then you can invest some money to get the best results you are looking for.

Grammarly app's most frequently asked questions

Does Grammarly work well?

In fact, the application has proven very effective in the process of checking and editing texts written in the English language, and if you search for reviews of the application, you will find that most of the reviews are positive. It suffices to know that 30 million users use this tool on a daily basis!

Is Grammarly free or paid app?

As we have seen before, there are two versions of the application, the free version, which is ideal for simple and limited use, and the paid version, which is used by people who use the English language on a daily basis, whether in their work or study. We have seen that the cost of the subscription varies according to the plan you choose, whether it is a monthly subscription, an annual or annual revenue from the Grammarly app.

Is Grammarly Safe?

Of course, the app is completely safe and you aren't likely to encounter any problems in the process of using it. Note that the application is used by companies as well and not by individual people only. Hence, it is a 100% reliable app.

Is Grammarly Worth Paying For?

Practically, it depends on the features you need, if you use the English language on a daily basis or write articles and texts in English from time to time, then the application is definitely worth investing some money to get it and achieve great results.

Can I unsubscribe from Grammarly if I don't like it?

True, you can contact the app's support team and request a refund without any problem.

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