Facebook is planning to launch a SmartWatches for chatting and exercise


Facebook is starting to take hardware sales seriously. The company is currently only available on devices, Oculus VR headsets and Portal smart displays. However, according to The Information, Mark Zuckerberg is already making a new member device: a smartwatch with fitness and messaging features.

According to the leak, the Facebook smartwatch will have an Android operating system, but it will not be a Wear OS. In fact, Facebook is already said to be developing its operating system for devices, although it will not be ready for the first release of its smartwatch that will be released in 2022 (expected launch date). Join us to find out more details about this watch.

The most prominent feature of the Facebook smartwatch is its ability to send and receive messages. Do not forget that Facebook has three of the most used messaging platforms in the world (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram), so it is expected that its watch will have a deep integration with these social networks.

In addition to that, it will have its own connectivity so that users can communicate with their friends and family without the need for a smartphone. Of course, the Facebook smartwatch will also bet on the health and fitness features to be a true competitor to the Apple Watch, which is one of the leaders in the wearable device market worldwide.

It is also said that the watch will integrate with services like Peloton that allow you to watch classes for live or on-demand exercise. Also, given how advanced smart watches are today, the Facebook smartwatch will definitely be able to measure heart rate and oxygen levels in the blood. As for the OS, it will use an open source version of Google's Android, but not for long ...

According to the source of this news, Facebook will launch the first version of its smartwatch in 2022, and in 2023 they will launch a new version that works with the Facebook operating system that the company is developing. For now, none of this has been confirmed, as Facebook did not want to comment on its future projects.

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