Bill Gates says a change will happen on Earth that will be worse than the Covid-19 epidemic

The American businessman has been very present in recent months to present his predictions against the pandemic. In fact, Gates presented his forecast for 2021, ensuring that vaccination plans will be a huge challenge globally.

Now, the billionaire has made statements that are not entirely hopeful, as he asserts that climate change will have worse impacts than the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
In a new book, the Microsoft founder introduces an approach explaining how to reduce emissions to zero, which is a feasible goal, but this will require major technical advances and, above all, a lot of work.

The businessman has spent years studying the effects of climate change, so he has put together a plan that he intends to deal with. The main hypothesis, according to Gates, is that if global warming emissions are not reduced to zero by 2050, the consequences will be more catastrophic than those caused by the Coronavirus.

As we face a major challenge, Bill Gates believes it wouldn't be impossible if markets, technology and politics worked together to achieve the same goal.

Among other statements, Gates stresses that the interest in curbing the negative effects has not stopped yet, unlike in the past.

One conclusion is that to avoid a catastrophe, existing tools such as solar energy, wind energy or carbon capture will need to be strengthened.

This kind of advancement should not be limited to land such as electricity generation or transportation, but rather should be used in other sectors such as agriculture, cement or steel production.

In the book, Gates offers a complete way to make it happen, and this book will go on sale starting February 16th.

Bill Gates usually has accurate predictions, so what he says has to be taken seriously. However, despite the forecasts it remains impossible to implement a plan to curb climate change.