The disclosure of the name that Android 12 will receive .. Google again chooses the names of the sweets


A new leak indicates that Google will maintain the tradition of using sweets' names to name its operating system. What will be called Android 12?

Android 12 continues to be developed by the Google team, but leaks do not stop regarding this operating system for smartphones. Now, a leak has discovered what this important system might be called.
For a few days, many details about Android 12 were leaked, from some functions to the first wallpapers that you can download completely for free on your phone.

Once again, the report comes from the XDA Developers site, which suggests that Google maintains the tradition of using sweets to name new versions of its operating system, which in this case is Android 12.

Remember that Android 11 is called Red Velvet in honor of the cake and now it seems that the company wants to be inspired by a cool product for Android 12, as the portal reports that the name it will bear will be Snow Cone.

Responsible for this leak has not yet been determined, so we will wait for the company to announce it itself and reveal the name of its mobile operating system.