A serious security flaw discovered in the TikTok app Causing the dissemination of personal and sensitive information to users

Not a while goes by without us hearing about a serious security vulnerability in an important application or site, and the last of these platforms is the Chinese video social media application TikTok, in which the latest news indicates the discovery of a security vulnerability in it that puts users' data at risk.

The TikTok application has suffered in the recent period from American restrictions on it, but it seems that its problems are still continuing, and this time with the security side, as the well-known Check Point company indicated that its security experts discovered a new vulnerability at the level of this application, and the security company indicated that this The vulnerability exists at the protocol level used to synchronize contacts with application member profiles.

Check Point details the details of the vulnerability, saying that this flaw is found in the "Find Friends" feature, which allows it to synchronize its contacts in order to find a profile of their acquaintances, and the latter depends on my HTTP request: the first to send the name of the contacts and numbers. Corresponding to TikTok and again to find user profiles linked to numbers, displaying fake photos, pictures and other information.

And Check Point indicated that this vulnerability put millions of users' data at risk, but the good thing now is that the vulnerability was closed after the security company contacted the developer of the TikTok application.

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