Add image lazy load script to speed up Blogger blog


What is the image Lazy load feature? It is a feature that stops the images from downloading in the browser and it does not load until the visitor reaches it, which makes the page loading faster because not all the images are downloaded in one go. This saves you for those with poor internet packages and speeds

Why was this plugin not present previously? This special feature has had many years and has been based on JavaScript plugins and its problem is that it does not work with most of the templates. Additionally, it might rely on files larger than the size of the images to be hidden, so in my opinion it was quite a burden and it was hard to find one effective extension that works for everyone

What has changed now? The extension has now become a part of the web experience and has become a very simple streak since most browsers have started adopting it as a common programming part, so there is no longer a need for coding, placing large JavaScript libraries, etc.

How can I use the Lazy Loading add-on? We can use it by adding this code to the images


<img src = "Image.jpg" "loading =" lazy "/>

The red part is only what you add to your images, not more than that, and most browsers support it now, and the browser that does not support it does not cause a problem with it because it is not like the previous additions that if the browser did not support it, the images do not appear at all, but if the browser does not support them, the images will remain. It appears, but at once, it benefits without harm, you can now apply it to your topics that contain many pictures, as this topic will speed up

There is a way to apply it once to all the images in the blog, but we will return again to the Javascript library system, which I did not prefer from the ground up, but if you want to add it, download the code from here and add to your blog template above the tag </head>

Download image lazy load script

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