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Welcome dear friends and every lover waiting for the semi-permanent course offers that we propose to you in Queen News offers, a simple section we choose for you every time we have the opportunity a dozen offers for you

Whether activating legal programs for paid software, paid applications that have become free, suggestions for devices and offers, and paid for by everyone. Paid courses and courses in various fields are available to you for free.

A set of paid courses you can get now for free (25/09/2018)

1 - GRUNT js: Automate web development course: Original price $ 104

Grunt.js is one of the most popular and used types of Web Packs, for those who do not know the Grunt.js framework it simply allows you to organize your own project.

Your web programming project depends on many resources such as multiple CSS files and Js files as well, and the more it becomes difficult to deal with and control it, especially when trying to add a specific CSS / jS framework or when trying to delete or update it.

So that it is difficult to achieve this manually, the Grunt compress all these files and convert them into fast files that can be used via CSS / JS Minifier.

It also compresses the images that you upload to the project. You will learn all its basics and everything related to it in this free course currently, whose original price is $ 104.

2 - Smart Passive Income Online Course: Original price $ 199

Passive Income, or positive income, if the translation is correct, is simply the provision of some services or privileges on the Internet so that you generate income in the long term without controlling it.

For example, SEO, which is search engine optimization, allows you, for example, to create a site for information about cars, to archive it, prepare it and install some ads on it, when searching for the type of car that the visitor will visit to a site and profit through it.

In this case, you do not even have to go online, and you can still earn money and access it, in this course the introduction will explain to you some ways to achieve the Passive Income and start your own online projects

3 - Mastering Kotlin for Absolute Beginners: $ 34 original price

Kotlin programming language, is the language that Google has chosen to be the official language for developing and programming Android applications

The Kotlin programming language includes many features that qualify it to be the successor to Java par excellence in the development and manufacture of Android applications

On top of it is speed and performance, as well as its code line, in this $ 34 course you will be able to learn the basics of this language and create Android applications from scratch using Kotlin as well and understand all its basics for free.

4 - JavaFX Course: Graphics, Animations and Applications - original price $ 34

What distinguishes the Java programming language from others is its multiplicity, specialization, and access to many fields, as you can program websites, desktop software, Android applications, artificial intelligence and many more using Java

However, these partitions, in turn, are divided into other divisions, among which is JavaFX, which allows you to create your own program interfaces.

In this $ 34 corpus, you will be able to learn and professionally deal with JavaFX to create professional interfaces with attractive animations for all your software.

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