If you are a blogger or tech geek, I need you my friend


If you are a blogger or a tech geek and want to post your ideas online then I invite you, dear brother, to join me in blogging with me on the Queen News blog, I need you my friend, so don't skimp on us to help

This is in support of us in providing valuable content that wrenches visitors gaining experience in the field of dealing with the Internet and other technical fields, and although we write many articles every month, it is not sufficient.

Whereas, over the past period, we have been relying on ourselves to write technical articles and have not relied on any articles from any other people.

Except in the last few years, when I found messages from people who follow us on the blog, wanting to publish their articles on our blog, with the aim of gaining the confidence of visitors and introducing their own blogs.

Despite this, not all posts are placed on the site because I have set some conditions and controls for any post that comes to us, and these conditions did not fit most of the posts I received daily, and therefore most of them were rejected.

But today, here we are making it available to everyone and breaking those terms and controls, because we urgently need you, friends, in order to publish informational blogging and technical articles in general for all users, but on the condition that the articles do not violate the rights of others and are not copied

This matter comes after I saw the technical content being lost and there is no interest in it, and this matter is in an attempt to save it from being lost, as you find many people who do not understand much in the technical field

You may think that this is normal and not a cause for concern, but it is really catastrophic and calls us to worry in an unnatural way, because some simple things may be laughed at.

For example, this person may be laughed at on a phone that is original, although it is recycled, and a Facebook account may be hacked in the simplest way because he does not know anything about how to protect his Facebook account and he cannot know whether or not his Facebook account has been hacked. And you can measure so many things on that

Therefore, we must be concerned and try to fix this matter in all possible ways, and although this solution that I presented to you today is to join me in the process of blogging on the site, it will not completely and completely change the problem, but it will benefit greatly.

Whereas, whoever will enter our site will benefit from these articles and be able to realize what is going on in the form of blogs, articles and modern technical news, and we have previously referred to you in one of the articles with the huge number of visitors that we get monthly

Therefore, my friends, you do not help me, but you help in the rise of technical content so that it becomes better, and you also help your blog to introduce it through the articles you write and your blog link is placed at the bottom of the article

Therefore, my friends who are obsessed with technology, blogging and technology news, do not be stingy on us in sending your articles until they are published on the site and so that you can benefit from introducing your blog on our site in addition to improving the Arabic content that is currently lost.

In conclusion, my friend, if you want to blog with me and publish your articles on the blog, all you have to do is write them in a Word file and send them to us on the following mail:

If you encounter a problem sending the article to us, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form, by clicking here

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